Current Projects

Currently, we are working on a broad range of legal and economic issues related to development, including: assessing synergies and trade-offs among options to enhance food security, improve the adaptive capacity of smallholder farming systems, and mitigate carbon emissions; developing M&E frameworks for climate change-related investments across all relevant sectors; evaluating the impacts of national and local legal and regulatory frameworks on expansion of clean energy; and, evaluating the capacity of local institutions to provide local public goods, particularly those that increase resilience to extreme weather events and other shocks. We are also evaluating different measures of climate averages and variability, and localized versus generalized rainfall anomalies in shaping farmers' expectations.

Current and Recent Clients

Food and Agriculture Organization: Partner on the project, “Climate Smart Agriculture”: Capturing the Synergies between Mitigation, Adaptation and Food Security. Analyses of household level datasets, that we have matched with GIS-based agro-ecological and climatic data to household datasets and relevant supra-household administrative data on extension, credit supply and social safety nets. Variables of interest include adoption of sustainable land management techniques, crop yields, downside yield risk, measures of food security, and land and labor diversification.

Inter-American Development Bank: Economic and legal advisory services for the development and implementation of monitoring and evaluation systems for climate-change-related investments. Evaluation of legal and regulatory frameworks for promoting expansion of non-traditional renewable energy sources in Latin America and the Caribbean.

World Bank: Incorporating climate change relevant variables into household, community and institutional-level questionnaires. Analyzing factors that increase local institutional capacity to increase provision of public goods. Assessing the impact of men's and women's control over income on food security.

United States Agency for International Development: Sub-Contractor on the project "Tenure and Global Climate Change", providing support to development of baseline survey and analysis to inform implementation and development of an M&E framework for a tenure and agro-forestry project being undertaken in Zambia.