About Us

LEAD Analytics is a small, women-owned business founded in 2010 by Nancy McCarthy, who earned a PhD in Agriculture and Resource Economics from UC Berkeley in 1996, and a JD from the George Mason University School of Law in 2009. McCarthy, who has more than 15 years of experience working in developing countries, collaborates with a wide network of research partners and development practitioners. The company is registered and based in Washington DC.


LEAD has established partnerships with leading universities in the United States and abroad; including colleagues from American University; University of California at Davis, Berkeley, and San Diego; University of Maryland; Hohenheim University, Germany; the Institute of Statistical Social and Economic Research, Ghana; and the Universidad de Talca, Chile, University of Zambia, and the University of Malawi. This network of university connections means that LEAD Analytics can tap into a wide pool of both faculty and graduate students. Additionally, through nearly 20 years of extensive fieldwork, LEAD Analytics has developed contacts within a number of agriculture and/or environment ministries, and has built a strong network of local and international consultants in a number of countries, particularly in East and West Africa, and to a lesser extent in Southern Africa and Latin America.